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The Current Uk Energy Market Supply - 1788 Words

Introduction Energy as gas or electricity constitutes a huge part of the current market supply, which have a strong impact not just in the environment but also in the economy as a whole. According to Allen, Hammond and McManus (2007) as energy worldwide demand is growing, the scarcity for resources grows too, which is threatening not only energy security but also energy costs. OFGEM ´s (2014) report ´s, analyses the gaps and adquisitions of the energy market supply in Great Britain, where they found that the energy service supplied is dominated by six main firms, which have been facing strong problems with consumers decreased trust, higher costs, wider barriers to entry, evidence of a possible tactic coordination and lack and weak†¦show more content†¦According to Office of National Statistics (Gov.2014), the variance of inflation during these years reached approximately 9%, which means that gas prices increased approximately three times versus inflation, and electricity prices 1.7 times as well in these same period. Considering that gas and electricity use are priority, consumers are being affected in their family budget and disposable income, by this price increase. High prices on the marketplace are due to the fact that very few firms are capable of controlling them. According to ONS in Figure #2 (appendix), extracting from the industry market concentration measurement versus the number of control firms, we can conclude that in years 2005-2009 there was not a significant change, instead in years 2010-2013 the indicator evidences a high energy concentration in the market, which matches the high price increase in energy of approximately 40%. The higher the value of the index ( energy concentration), we will find fewer control firms in the industry, thus creating a high intense concentration, which means that as the number of control firms disappear, power will start to concentrate in the remaining firms that have high interests in obtaining profits and position prices above inflation. Figure #4 (appendix) shows that high profits of these firms come from the domestic supply between

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Essay on Fulfillment is Gained Through Philosophical Thought

Fulfillment is Gained Through Philosophical Thought The ability to think philosophical is the ability to truly understand and know ones surroundings and everything that influences those surroundings to the degree that knowledge becomes the ultimate understanding and appreciation of the surroundings without question. With this ultimate understanding, a philosopher is able to appreciate life and live life to a fuller degree than the average person. Unfortunately, becoming a philosopher or even recognizing a philosopher can be difficult. Therefore, in order to live a philosophical life, one must understand what philosophy is and have a clear perception of why they desire a life as a philosopher and the hardships that ultimately coincide†¦show more content†¦To further explain, if a person views something that is beautiful and that is all he is capable of understanding, the objects physical beauty, then he does not understand the ultimate truth behind that object and its beauty it possesses drawing to a personal opinion of that o bject. Thus, an opinion is simply an incomplete truth. An opinion is not necessarily wrong in its idea, rather it is simply not a complete idea or understanding. To be a complete idea and understanding, the idea must be universal. This is a key to philosophical thought. The idea being drawn from a subject must be absolute and universal in its being, thus being the ultimate understanding or idea. Therefore, to conclude, a philosopher is one who has knowledge of something rather than an opinion, acquiring that knowledge through true appreciation of the subject in its universal and absolute state. Being a philosopher is not always easy. Along with understanding how a philosopher thinks and learns knowledge, one must also understand the hardships that coincide with it. But first, one must have a clear perception of why they want to be a philosopher. A full understanding and self-recognition of why one wants to be a philosopher will allow them to completely defend themselves when necessary. Being a philosopher allows a person to grasp a situation, an object, or an idea with an ultimate appreciation andShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Bhagavad Gita 1389 Words   |  6 Pagesan in depth examination. The philosophical and religious as well as human natures are some of the most important themes that will be displayed in this essay. The idea of the materialistic values that is present in everyday life serve as the reason to why one cannot know the ultimate truth and how one can overcome this in order to find supreme peace. Karma yoga will be studied as Lord Krishna tells its importance to Arjuna, so he can follow the path of divine fulfillment. The universality of religionRead More Homosexuality in the Film Latter Days and in Sexual Perversion by Nagel1369 Words   |  6 PagesFrom the assigned readings and film, I felt that I have gained a better understanding on one of the most controversial types of relationships, homosexuality. The topic of homosexuality isn’t easy to openly talk about but it is important as philosophy students, to have an open-mind about topics that we don’t partake in. Doing so allows us to promote new ways of thinking about the world around us and see them in a whole new light. In this personal response paper, I will discuss homosexuality in connectionRead MoreThe Literary Movement of Transcendentalism Essay examples872 Words   |  4 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Transcendentalism was a literary movement in the first half of the 19th century. The philosophical theory contained such aspects as self-examination, the celebration of individualism, and the belief that the fundamental truths existed outside of human experience. Fulfillment of this search for knowledge came when one gained an acute awareness of beauty and truth, and communicated with nature to find union with the Over-Soul. When this occurred, one was cleansed ofRead MoreComparative Analysis Of Rene Descartes s Philosophy1084 Words   |  5 Pagesnecessary in developing a healthy and â€Å"pure† environment in the society . Rene Descartes was a philosopher of a different time however. His dissertation on the Principles of Philosophy contained such topics as metaphysics and natural philosophy that gained respect worldwide . In contrast to Pieper, Descartes was a mathematician and one of the great contributors to natural philosophy . As was mentioned in the text, Descartes observed that books were instrumental in forming his views and the views ofRead MoreThe Trial And Death Of Socrates And The Gita1563 Words   |  7 Pagestruth and the duty that comes along with it. If people are individually devoted to universal truth, as seen in The Gita, then they are working towards their idea of bettering society and gaining an understanding of what it means to be human, as shown through The Trial and Death of Socrates, and since everyone shares the same experience, they therefore reach conformity. For a clearer understanding of my claim, I will first argue what is meant by truth between the two texts. This provides an opening forRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1335 Words   |  6 Pagesthe attainment of the American Dream is strongly tied with the American culture. This philosophical idea, however, is not portrayed in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which is often referred to as one of the â€Å"Great American Novels† to date. In terms, a â€Å"Great American Novel† should portray an honest and well-remembered character, rather than a character such as Jay Gatsby who achieved his fortune through illegal business and dies without recognition towards the end. Although Gatsby livesRead MoreSelf-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson: Non Conformity in Thought and Action1519 Words   |  7 PagesEmerson urged his readers to stand out when it comes to their individual thoughts without any fear of being misunderstood. For example, Emerson stated, à ¢â‚¬Å"But God will not have his work make manifest by cowards. A man is relieved and gay when he has put his heart into his work and done his best; but what he said or done otherwise shall give him no peace.† (20). He emphasized the fact that people should believe in their thoughts and never hesitate to share it with others rather than keep it just becauseRead MoreSexual Morality and Social Context1707 Words   |  7 PagesGoldman asserts sexual acts are a balance between one’s freedom and their personal duties. The interpretation of freedom comes from idea of natural rights, for which we are brought in to the world with including the ability to think, articulate our thoughts and act as we desire. Goldman limits these actions in the context of sexual morality as long as the act does not harm another. As Justice Holmes once put it â€Å"The right to swing my fist ends where the other mans nose begins† (Holmes). This doesRead MoreThe Marx s Theory Of Alienation1 898 Words   |  8 PagesKarl Marx is undeniably one of the most influential philosophical thinkers that emerged in the 19th century. His ideas were ignored during his time, however they’ve gained wide recognition in the years after his death and are still widely called upon today during many philosophical, social, and economic debates. Amongst his famous theories is his ideas on the morality of Capitalism as well as Socialism. However, a theory of his that reigns supreme in many different aspects of modern day society asRead MoreBgs Models1880 Words   |  8 Pagesinstitution. People produced mainly for subsistence, not to trade. Then, in the 1700s, some economies began to expand and industrialize, division of labor developed within them, and people started to produce more for trade. As trade grew, the market, through its price signals, took on a more central role in directing the creation and distribution of goods. The advent of this kind of market economy, or an economy in which markets play a major role, reshaped human life. The classic explanation of how a

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Challenges And Implications Of Human Resource Management

(Topic 3) Challenges and Implications Human resource management is arguably one of the most important departments in every organization. Just like other departments in the organization human resource management faces its share of challenges. One of the major challenges the department has been facing in the recent past is the trend in the mobility of human resources (Caulfield, 2010). Human resource mobility refers to the movement of employees either internally or externally. Internal mobility includes upward mobility or downward mobility. The cause of this can either be promotion or demotion. The external mobility of human capital refers to the movement of employees out of the organization. The latter is more prevalent in the most†¦show more content†¦Therefore one of the strategies to retain the best would be to have a plan that motivates them to remain in the organization. Talent management plan ensures that the bet employees are developed making them have loyalty to the o rganization to an extent that they do not fall for the mobility of human resource. Retention Plans. The human resource management is keen to come up with a retention plan to ensure that the best employees do not leave their organization. Human resource mobility trends over the years have led to the transfer of talents, skills and knowledge from one organization to another. Therefore, the human resource management has devised a retention plan that can be used to ensure the best employees do not leave. The plan usually contains the privileges that are important in motivating the employees (Ãâ€"zbilgin, Groutsis Harvey, 2014). Apart from sustainable wages, the plan also incorporates other intangible benefits that give the workers the surety of the continuity of the organization. Such benefits include security of tenure, workable organizational missions and achievable goals. (Topic 4) Key Precedents of the Mobility Trend There are fundamental precedents to the trend of human mobility that can be traced from a historical perspective. These precedents have an influence in the prominence of the trends in labor mobility and human resource management. Influx of Immigrants The influx of immigrants is one of the precedents.

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Report on Accounting Information Systems

Question: Write a business report to David comparing the two accounting software, and in particular your report should cover the following: 1. Modules and functions; 2. Ease of use; 3. Security and control; 4. Report availability; 5. Costs; and 6. Your recommendation as to which accounting software is more suitable for his business, with justification. Answer: Introduction Accounting is a very important aspect in any business. Accounting is done in the order to understand the performance of the company. There are different accounting systems. In order to understand and analyze the different accounting systems, companies implement different software. These software helps to calculate and understand the different accounting techniques that will help to calculate the financial conditions of the company. With the help of the accounting software it is possible to calculate the accounts of a company in a matter of seconds. These software helps to calculate the different financial aspects of the company and upload it in a server that is essential for the people who require the accounting for their use. With the help of this study the researcher will be able to understand how different accounting software work and what are a few important features of the software. In the given case, two accounting software by the name of MYOB and Xero are taken into considerat ion (Cruz Rambaud, 2010). Discussion Various types of accounting information system are present in this context. From them, financial accounting system and the managerial accounting system are both play an important and a significance role in this scenario. It also represents a considerable variation or the differences in between them. Financial accounting has mostly focused on the financial reports or the statements that are probably distributed to the financial analysts, stockholders, lenders and the other outsiders of the organization or the firm (Curtis, 2008). Financial accounting courses cover the commonly accepted accounting guidelines and principles that need to be followed mostly when to reports the consequences of organizations past transactions over the statement of cash flows, balance sheet, income statement and also the statement of modification in equity of the stockholders. Managerial accounting system also represents to provide the information with the organization, so its management needs to operate the team more efficiently. Cost accounting and the managerial accounting also supply the instructions to compute the products cost to manufactures the enterprise. This type of costs needs to be than used in the external financial reports (Information technology, 2012). According to the cost systems for courses, manufacturers in the managerial accounting may incorporate topics like break-even points, cost behavior, operational budgeting, profit planning, relevant costs to makes the decision, capital budgeting, standard costing and finally the costing that is totally based on activity. Modules and functions of the software- both MYOB and Xero are cloud based accounting software. However there are a few differences between the two. The most basic difference between the two in terms of module and functions are that Xero has much cleaner and lesser cluttered interface than that of MYOB. The appearance of MYOB is blurry, dated and is irritating to the eyes after a certain length of time. Another advantage that Xero has is that the desktop can be easily customized according to the requirements (Curtis, 2008). Ease of use Navigation in Xero for the users to accounting software is new and also very much easier and simple like all others core functions and it also very easy to identify on the computer. Navigation within Xero is dependable with internet navigation and Google. To, to select the option "back" to return the previous screens and also have the capability to open the multiple "tabs". It makes navigation is very easier, specifically where the users are too familiar through the internet service. Moreover, if a user is almost a familiar with the help of the MYOB design, both they are straight forward to navigate, throughout the Internet it is a special type of navigation is not accessible with MYOB. Generally, for daily transactions, for example, coding of the bank statement, emailing and entering invoices, purchase the orders and also ready to send the statements Xero is very fast, and the entry is too much straightforward and overall it is very easier to use (Neish Kahwati, 2010). For such com plex tasks like to apply the bank rules or the coding rules to receipts the salary to obtain the accounts, and also matching invoices, MYOB is very simple and easy to use; moreover Xero has greater flexibility and functionality and also works effectively. Under overpayments, prepayments, and the payments is the little hassle to fulfill in the accounting software Xero than the other software like MYOB (Powner, 2012). Security and control In case of security, both Xero and MYOB are greatly reliable. With the features getting updated regularly online, it has become possible for the accounting system of the companies using either of the two to stay updated and online. Moreover both services provide online backup system and provide great security. Therefore it can be said that both the systems provide great security. The only difference is that ease of use. Xero provides a faster ease of use (Fisher, 2007). Reports availability MYOB has superior flexibility, options, and ease of use. To transfer EXCEL is well and simply formatted. With complex analysis, EXCEL transfers reporting are obtainable with the help of such limitations. Xero informations are satisfactory for all common and basic reporting requirements. So, it is very difficult to obtain more other complex analyzing statement or the reporting (Romney Steinbart, 2006). Cost MYOB has a constant throughout the costs of the board that is probably and affordable the better value in basic software at $21 in every month. Costs of the Xero is totally dependent on their transactions number. The starting package is same as the costs of the MYOB $25 in every month. Moreover, this level is closely related to the business. The premium and standard packages are $65 and $50 per month. Conclusions This study helped the researcher to find the different ways and procedures by which accounting cqan be done by implementing different software. In the present case the two accounting software that has been used is Xero and MYOB. The comparative study helped the researcher to understand which of the two software are more effectively usable for the accounting systems. Recommendation With the help of this study it can be said that despite MYOB is cost efficient service, yet Xero provides better services of the two. Depending on the type of business, the user can select the service. References Cruz Rambaud, S. (2010).Algebraic models for accounting systems. Singapore: World Scientific. Curtis, V. (2008).MYOB software for dummies. Milton, Qld.: Wiley. Curtis, V. (2011).Making the most of MYOB business software. Warriewood, N.S.W.: Woodslane Press. Fisher, I. (2007). A prototype system for temporal reconstruction of financial accounting standards.International Journal Of Accounting Information Systems,8(3), 139-164. Information technology. (2012). [Washington, D.C.]. Neish, W. Kahwati, G. (2010).Computer accounting using MYOB business software. North Ryde, N.S.W.: McGraw-Hill Education. Powner, D. (2012).Information technology. [Washington, D.C.]: U.S. Govt. Accountability Office. Romney, M. Steinbart, P. (2006).Accounting information systems. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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Factors That Affects the Behavior of Students Essay Example

Factors That Affects the Behavior of Students Essay CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING INTRODUCTION This research paper is all about the factors that affect the behavior of high school students in dealing with other people. The researcher chose this kind of problem to be aware of the distinctive behavior of her fellow schoolmates, classmates, batch mates, etc. The researcher conducted this study to know the effective implications for the behaviors. Behaviorism,  a  movement  in  psychology that advocates the use of strict experimental procedures to study observable behavior n relation to the environment. The behavioristic view of psychology has its roots in the writings of the British associationist philosophers as well as in the American functionalist school of psychology and the Darwinian theory of evolution, both of which emphasize the way that individuals adapt and adjust to the environment. These problems disrupt relations with peers and adults and interfere with schooling. Children  and  adolescents who have behavior disorders typically experience problems that are markedly different from the behavior of students of similar age and cultural background. Students  with  behavior disorders may exhibit any of a wide variety of problems. Behavior  disorders  result from many causes, including biological, familial, and environmental factors. Treatment  of  emotional or behavioral disorders has provoked controversy. Statement of the Problem This study probed on investigate the factors that affect the behavior of high school students in dealing with other people in Maryhill College as perceived by the selected third year students during the school year 2012-2013. We will write a custom essay sample on Factors That Affects the Behavior of Students specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Factors That Affects the Behavior of Students specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Factors That Affects the Behavior of Students specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Specifically, the study attempted to answer the following questions: 1. Which factor affects the behavior of teenagers most? 2. What are the ways of interacting with other people by the students with behavioral disorders? 3. What are the implications that may prevent this behavior to become worst? 4. What are the effects of being bullied on the teenager’s behavior? Significance of the Study The study about factors that affect the behavior of high school students in dealing with other people is considered important for the students, teachers, parents, and administrators. In this study, we will be able to discover distinct reasons or causes of the unusual behavior of a student. If we will be able to discover the causes of this behavior or some possible treatments and implications, we can prevent it from being worse. This study will benefit the parents by knowing the proper way of parenting and raising their children with this kind of problem behavior and the teachers by being aware on how to properly educate their students who have been dealing with this kind of problem behavior. This study will also benefit the researcher and the subject teacher in the fund of knowledge. Scope and Delimitation This investigation is conducted to determine the factors that affect the behavior of high school students in dealing with other people. The respondents will be from the selected high school students of Maryhill Collge. It may also be from other fields if needed. This study will be conducted for the school year 2012-2013. Definition of Terms Behaviorism-a movement in psychology that advocates the use of strict experiment procedures to study observable behavior in relation to the environment. Behavior-the way in which a person, organism, or group responds to a specific set of conditions Radical Behaviorism -basic behaviorism Peers-somebody who is the equal of somebody else in age or social class Nurture-people are influenced by genes Genes-the basic unit capable of transmitting characteristics from one generation to the next Chapter II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This Chapter will present studies and literature that will give light to the researcher’s problem and will help her arrive in the analysis and interpretation of the findings. Related Literature The social behavior and attitudes of a child, even as he grows older and comes in contact with more and more people outside the home, are reflections of patterns prevalent in the child’s home. Habit is a lasting readiness and facility, born of frequently repeated acts for acting in a certain manner. Habits are acquiring inclinations towards something to be done. The word â€Å"habit-forming† that we use to refer to certain experiences shows how easy to overcome or alter. It acquires a strong willed person to correct a habit successfully within a limited period of time. Habits are acquired. Once acquired, they become very difficult to alter. They are therefore relatively permanent. Acquiring a habit is like starting a pathway across a lawn. Habits are not formed in an instant. They result from constantly repeated actions. After they are formed, they do not vanish instantly. It would acquire a tremendous effort to change a habit. Once family background characteristics were controlled, classroom effects such as childrens overall behavior were analyzed, as were cross-level interactions between classroom and family effects. The results revealed that good behavior in the classroom and adequacy of classroom supplies were the most consistent predictors of improvement in childrens self-control and behavior. Furthermore, cross-level interactions suggested that good behavior in the classroom and supplies can boost resiliency by allowing children to overcome certain deficits at home. Implications for further research and educational policy are discussed. These two forms of behavior are related to quarreling. This may consist of calling others nicknames that arouse their anger or putting emphasis on their physical or mental weaknesses. In bullying, the attacker attempts to inflict physical pain on others because of the pleasure he derives from watching their discomfort and their attempts to retaliate. Older children usually engage in these two forms of behavior. Peer pressure is associated in adolescents of all ethnic and racial backgrounds with at-risk behaviors such as cigarette smoking, truancy, drug use, sexual activity, fighting, shoplifting, and daredevil stunts. Again, peer group values and attitudes influence more strongly than do family values the level of teenage alcohol use. The more accepting peers are of risky behavior, and the more they participate in that behavior, the more likely a person is to do the same thing. Culture and lifestyle strongly affect behavior for the outstandingly obvious reason that they are behavior. Ones lifestyle is a collection of behaviors and habits that one perpetuates. Ones culture is the setting in which one enacts those behaviors and habits which make up ones lifestyle and, due to the nature of setting, culture will, of necessity, affect ones lifestyle and, by connection, behavior. All children engage in bad behavior every now and then but some children exhibit highly challenging behavior that are consistently inappropriate for their age. Often those children do not simply exhibit a behavioral problem, but have an underlying behavior disorder. While there are many behavioral disorders that may e diagnosed in children, three of the most common include Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Conduct Disorder (CD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Social Development means the attaining of maturity in the social relationships. It is the process of learning to conform to group standards, mores and traditions and becoming imbued with a sense of oneness, intercommunications, and cooperation. It was applied to a grouping within the social sciences generally understood to encompass anthropology, sociology, and psychology, except for certain nonbehavioral or nonscientific aspects of other social and biological sciences, such as biology, economics, history, geography, law, psychiatry and political science. The aim of behavioral science is to establish generalizations about human behavior that can be supported by empirical evidence. The study of group behavior has a long tradition among social scientists in various disciplines; it does not confine itself to any one of the recognized social sciences alone. The management field has been among those very interested in studying group behavior, particularly in the Philippines where people even in the work setting have displayed strong groupy tendencies as shown in their practices of â€Å"tayo-tayo†(we syndrome), smooth interpersonal relationships and â€Å"pagsasamahan†(togetherness). Distinction is made between human acts and acts of man. The human acts are those actions which man performs knowingly, freely and voluntarily. These actions are the result of conscious knowledge and are subject to the control of the will. We will refer to those action as deliberate, intentional, or voluntarily. The acts of man are those actions which happen in man. They are instinctive and are not within the control of the will. Such actions are the biological and physiological movements in man such as, metabolism, respiration, fear, anger, love jealousy. Human behavior consists of any act of an individual person that reflects his thoughts feeling, emotions, and sentiments and in general, his state or condition. These may be conscious or unconscious activities that are predicted on his needs, values, motivations and aspirations. The art of human behavior is an old as the relationship between and among individuals and groups. Behavior modification is based on the premise that behavior is controlled by the nature of its consequences. The likehood that behaviors will be repeated increases when it is accompanied by favorable consequences. Absence of any significant consequences leads to instinction of behavior. Thus, in order to obtain the desired behaviors over the long term, these must be accompanied. Related Studies According to Watson’s theory, all complex forms of behavior – emotions, habits, and such – are seen as composed of simple muscular and glandular elements that can be observed and measured. He claimed that emotional reactions are learned in much the same way as other skills. Based on Skinner’s theory, known as radical behaviorism, is similar to Watson’s view that psychology is the study of observable behavior of individuals interacting with their environment. Skinner, however, disagrees with Watson’s position that inner processes, such as feelings, should be excluded from the study. He maintains that these inner processes should be studied by the usual scientific methods, with particular emphasis on controlled experiments using individual animals and humans. His research with animals focusing on the kind of learning – known as operant conditioning – that occurs as a consequence of stimuli, demonstrates that complex behavior such as language and problem solving can be studied scientifically. He postulated a type of psychological conditioning known as reinforcement. According to Dr. Leticia Penano-Ho, â€Å"The Bullies have a strong need to dominate; impulsive and easily angered; defiant and aggressive toward adults; prefer TV shows, music, music and reading materials with violent themes; may be involved in gangs or anti-social group on the fringe of peer acceptance; have had negative parenting and have failed to bond with their caregivers leading to feeling of alienation; have little or no supervision and often victims of abuse in home. The Bullied are cautious, sensitive, quiet, withdrawn, and shy, anxious, insecure, unhappy and have low self esteem; are depressed and engage in suicidal ideation; do not have a single good friend and can relate better to adults than to peers; and very often have real or perceived disabilities. Chapter III METHODOLOGY Research Design The research study used the descriptive method of research. This was said to be descriptive because it described the factors that affects the behavior of the teenagers. Through the kind of method, the researcher would be able to describe the factors that affect the behavior of teenager. Sources of Data The respondents of this research were the 10 selected high school students of Maryhill College Lucena City. The said respondents were chosen because they were the one who experienced the changes that were happening around them that usually affect their behavior. Instrumentation The researcher used the questionnaire as the source of information for the study. Though the questionnaire, the researcher would be able to determine the factor that affects the behavior of teenagers at the recent time. The questionnaires were distributed to after it was explained to them that the said questionnaire would be retrieved after two days. Data Gathering Procedure The researcher gathered data through the use of the questionnaire. These questionnaires were distributed to the 40 selected high school students of Maryhill College. And aside from the questionnaire, book and internet website were also used by the researcher as a supplementary for this research study. Through this questionnaire and the reference used, the researcher was able to determine the problem which is the factors that affects the behavior of the teenagers. This research study would also serve as a reference for those people who are curious about the factors that affect the behavior of an individual. Data Analysis Plan To ensure systematic and objective presentation, analysis, and interpretation of research data, the following statistical tools and techniques will be applied: frequency count, percentage and weighted mean. Frequency Count and Percentage. These descriptive measures will be used in presenting the profile of the respondents. Percentage will be computed by the following formula: P=FN100 Where: P=percentage F=frequency N=total number of cases Weighted Mean. This descriptive measure will be employed in determining the responses of the respondents. The formula to be applied is: WM=sumofWFN Where: WM=weighted mean W=weight of a response F=frequency of a response N=total number of cases Chapter 4 ANALYSIS, PRESENTATION, AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA Gender of the respondents Age of the respondents Figure 1 Parents Status of the Respondents Figure 1 shows that 28 or 70% have answered together as their parents status, 6 or 15% have answered that their parents is an Overseas Filipino Worker, 3 or 7. 5% answered that their parents were separated. Figure 2 Figure 2 shows that 33 or 82. 5% of the respondents answered that they are not a bully while 7 or 17. 5% of the respondents answered that they are a bully. Figure 3 Figure 3 shows that 22 or 55% of the respondents are experiencing being bullied while 18 or 45% answered that they havent experienced being bullied. Figure 4 Problem Behavior occur in when needed to perform a task Figure 4 shows that 33 or 82. 5% of them answered that the problem behavior only occur sometimes when needed to perform a task, 4 or 10% of the 40 respondents answered never, and 3 or 7. 5% answered always. Figure 5 Do their friends leave them alone? Figure 5 shows that 23 or 57. 5% of the respondents answered never in the question of Do their friends leave them alone? 12 or 30% answered sometimes while 5 or 12. 5% answered always. Figure 6 Do their classmates verbally respond or laugh at them? Figure 6 shows that 21 or 52. 5% of the 40 respondents answered sometimes in a given question: do their classmates verbally respond or laugh at them? , 14 or 35% answered never, and 5 or 12. 5% answered always. Figure 7 Problem behavior more likely occur following a conflict outside the classroom. Figure 7 shows that 27 or 67. 5% answered that the problem behavior occur in a conflict outside the classroom only sometimes, 8 or 20% answered never, 5 or 12. % answered always. Figure 8 Problem behavior occur to get others attention? Figure 8 shows that 20 or 50% answered sometimes, 18 or 45% answered never, and 2 or 5% answered always in the question that their problem behavior occur to get others attention. Figure 9 Problem behavior occurs in the presence of specific peers. Figure 9 shows how often the problem behavior occurs in the presence of specific peers. 26 or 65% answered sometimes, 10 or 25% answered never, and 4 or 10% answered always. Figure 10 Problem behavior stops when peers stop interacting with the student. Figure 10 shows how often the problem behavior stops when peers stop interacting with the student. 27 or 67. 5% answered sometimes, 11 or 27. 5% answered never, and 2 or 5% answered always. Figure 11 Problem behavior occurs during specific academic activities. Figure 11 shows how often the problem behavior occurs during specific academic activities. Of the 40 respondents, 22 or 55. 5% answered sometimes, 13 or 32. 5% answered never, and 12. 5% answered always. Figure 12 Factors that affects the behavior| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| Over-all Ranking| | F %| F %| F %| F %| F %| | School Influences| 5 12. | 7 17. 5| 10 25| 14 35| 4 10| 4| Community| 2 5| 6 15 | 4 10| 12 30| 16 40| 5| Peers| 16 40| 10 25| 5 12. 5| 5 12. 5| 4 10| 1| Family| 9 22. 5| 14 35| 7 17. 5| 4 10| 6 15| 2| Attitude| 7 17. 5| 7 17. 5| 14 30| 5 12. 5| 7 17. 5| 3| Figure 12 shows that 16 or 40% of the respondents answered peers as the number 1 in the factors the affects the behavior most, second is the family, third is the attitud e, fourth is the school influences, and lastly, community influences. Chapter 5 SUMMARY, CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS This chapter deals with the summary, findings, conclusions and recommendations of the study. The data gathered were summarized and presented in this chapter. Summary This study was conducted for the purpose of determining the factors that affects the behavior of the high school students in Maryhill College. The descriptive method of research was utilized and the normative survey technique was used for gathering data. The questionnaire served as the instrument for collecting data. Selected high school students were the respondents. The inquiry was conducted during the school year 2012-2013. 1. Which factor affects the behavior of teenagers most? 2. How do the students with behavioral disorders interact with other people? 3. What are the implications that may prevent this behavior to become worst? 4. Does being bullied affects the behavior of the teenager? Findings After gathering the data and applying the necessary methods and statistical treatment, the following findings were revealed: 1. Based on the findings, among the five factors, peers ranks number 1, second is the family, third is the attitude, fourth is the school influences, and lastly, community influences. 2. They interact with other people in their own distinct ways. Some interacts just like anybody and some interacts just to get somebodys attention. 3. Based on the findings, most of the teenagers are very much affected with their peers. Thus, the disciplinarian, the parents, or the student itself must help themselves by preventing this problem behavior and to be motivated to become a better person. 4. Yes. Being bullied affects the behavior teenager. Being tolerated, facing in different criticisms, negative vibes, and being bullied affect the behavior of the teenagers a lot because most of them are losing their self-esteem and confidence. Thus, the teenager is affected by this. Conclusions The researcher concluded that: 1. Peers affect the behavior of teenagers most. 2. The teenager who has this problem behavior interacts with other people defiantly. 3. Proper parenthood is the best implementations to prevent this behavior to become worst. 4. Being bullied by a bully affects the behavior of the teenager a lot. Recommendations The researcher would like to recommend the following: To the parents 1. Proper parenthood is advised. 2. Parent-children communication is a must. To the teachers, 1. Have the proper way of educating students by trying to understand its deficiency. To the students, 1. Be aware of your peers. They may affect your behavior. 2. Don’t let anybody to let you down. 3. Build your own confidence. BIBLIOGRAPHY Book Custodia A. Sanchez, Paz F. Abad, and Loreto U. Jao, General Psychology Fourth Edition. (Manila:Rex Bookstore, Inc. , 2002)p. 33 RufinaSiruno and Edgardo Siruno. Child Growth and Development. (Manila: Rex Book Store, 1988),p. 94 Ramon Agapay, Ethnics and the Filipino (Mandaluyong, Manila: National Book Store, Inc. ,1991) p. 25-26 Rufina Siruno and Edgardo Siruno. Child Growth and Development. (Manila: Rex Book Store, 1988),p. 4 Encyclopedia Americana, (USA: Grolier Incorporated) vol. 25, p. 131 Conception RodilMartines and Galileo Fule, Management of Human Behavior in Organizations. (Diliman Quezon City: National Book Store, 1993), p. 67 Ramon B. Agapay, Ethics and the Filipino (Mandaluyong Manila: National Book Store, Inc. , 1991) p. 11 Conception R. Martines, Management of Human Behavior in Organizations. (Diliman Qu ezon City: National Book Store, 1993), p. 17 Electronic Devices Bijou, Sidney W. Behaviorism. Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009 [DVD]. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2008. Lloyd, John Wills. Education of Students with Behavior Disorders. Microsoft Encarta ® 2009 [DVD]. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2008. http://www. eric. ed. gov/ERICWebPortal/custom/portlets/recordDetails/detailmini. jsp? _nfpb=tr Personal author, compiler, or editor name(s); click on any author to run a new search on that name. Thomson Gale. World of Health. http://www. bookrags. com/research/peer-pressure-woh/. 2005 Lyman Stone. How much does culture and lifestyle affect behavior?. http://www. helium. com/items/493732-how-much-does-culture-and-lifestyle-affect-behavior, 2002-2009 http://www. kidsdevelopment. co. k/BehaviouralDisordersChildren. html,2000-2009 Leticia Penano-Ho, â€Å"The Bully and the Bullied†, Manila Bulletin, 17 March 2008. APPENDICES APPENDIX A Letter of Transmittal for Gatheri ng Data Maryhill College Basic Education Department Lucena City SY 2012-2013 March 8, 2013 Dear Respondents, The undersigned is conducting a study on â€Å"Factors Affecting the Behavior of Students in Dealing with Other People†. I have constructed questionnaire to gather information that will help to answer the problems. You have to answer truthfully the given questions so that I will have reliable data to prove my research. Your anonymity and the information you will give will be treated with confidentiality. Thank you very much for kind response to my request. Sincerely yours, Christian KING Z. Dimaculangan Researcher APPENDIX B Questionnaire GENERAL DIRECTIONS: Please accomplish this questionnaire very carefully and honestly. Please rest assured that any information that you supply will be treated with the greatest confidentiality. AGE____ GENDER ____ DIRECTIONS: Please check the best answer. 1) Parent’s Status ___ Together ___ Separated ___ OFW father or mother ___ Both OFW ___ Others please specify ) Do you have friends? ___ Yes ___ None 3) Are you a Bully? ___ Yes ___ No 4) Have you experienced being bullied? ___ Yes ___ No DIRECTIONS: Keep in mind a typical episode of the problem behavior, check the best answer. 1) Does your problem in behavior occur and persist when it is needed to perform a task? ____ Always ____ Sometimes ____ Never 2) During a conflict with peers or if you are engaged i n the problem behavior do your friends leave you alone? ____ Always ____ Sometimes ____ Never 3) When the problem in behavior occurs, do your classmates verbally respond or laugh at you? ___ Always ____ Sometimes ____ Never 4) Is your problem in behavior more likely to occur following a conflict outside the classroom? ____ Always ____ Sometimes ____ Never 5) Does your problem in behavior occur to get others attention? ____ Always ____ Sometimes ____ Never 6) Does your problem in behavior occur in the presence of specific peers? ____ Always ____ Sometimes ____ Never 7) Does the problem in behavior stop when peers stop interacting with the student? ____ Always ____ Sometimes ____ Never 8) Does your problem in behavior occur during specific academic activities? ____ Always ___ Sometimes ____ Never Rate the following factors from 1-5 that affect your behavior most. Write the number at left side of the word. And use 1 as the factor that affect your behavior most and 5 as the factors whic h affects your behavior less _____School _____ Community influences _____ Peers _____ Family _____ Attitudes THANK YOU! APPENDIX C Talligram PARENT’S STATUS| Together| Separated| OFW| Others| | IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-III| III| IIIII-I| III| Total| 28| 3| 6| 3| ARE YOU A BULLY? | Yes| No| | IIIII-II| IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-III| Total| 7| 33| EXPERIENCED BEING BULLIED? Yes| No| | IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-II| IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-III| Total| 22| 18| Problem Behavior occur in when needed to perform a task| Always| Sometimes| Never| | III| IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-III| IIII| Total| 3| 33| 4| Do their friends leave them alone? | Always| Sometimes| Never| | IIIII-| IIIII-IIIII-II| IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-III| Total| 5| 12| 23| Do their classmates verbally respond or laugh at them? | Always| Sometimes| Never| | IIIII-| IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-I| IIIII-IIIII-IIII| Total| 5| 21| 14| Problem behavior more likely occur following a conflict outside the classroom ? Always| Sometimes| Never| | IIIII-| IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-II| IIIII-III| Total| 5| 27| 8| Problem behavior occur to get others attention? | Always| Sometimes| Never| | II| IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-| IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-III| Total| 2| 20| 18| Problem behavior occurs in the presence of specific peers. | Always| Sometimes| Never| | IIII| IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-I| IIIII-IIIII-| Total| 4| 26| 10| Problem behavior stops when peers stop interacting with the student. | Always| Sometimes| Never| | II| IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-IIIII-II| IIIII-IIIII-I| Total| 2| 27| 11| Problem behavior occurs during specific academic activities. | Always| Sometimes| Never| | IIIII-| IIIII-IIIII- IIIII-IIIII-II| IIIII-IIIII-III| Total| 5| 22| 13| Factors that affects the behavior| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| Over-all Ranking| School Influences| IIIII-| IIIII-II| IIIII- IIIII-| IIIII- IIIII- IIII| IIII| 4| | 5| 7| 10| 14| 4| | Community| II| IIIII-I| IIII| IIIII- IIIII-II| IIIII- IIIII- IIIII-I| 5| | 2| 6| 4| 12| 16| | Peers| IIIII- IIIII- IIIII-I| IIIII- IIIII-| IIIII-| IIIII-| IIII| 1| | 16| 10| 5| 5| 4| | Family| IIIII- IIII| IIIII- IIIII- IIII| IIIII-II| IIII| IIIII-I| 2| | 9| 14| 7| 4| 6| | Attitude| IIIII-II| IIIII-II| IIIII- IIIII- IIII| IIIII-| IIIII-II| 3| | 7| 7| 14| 5| 7| | CURICULUM VITAE Name: Christian King Z. Dimaculangan Nickname: King Birth date: November 17, 1997 Age: 15 years old Birthplace: Lucena City Address: #10 Bolovia St. Better Living Subd. ,Isabang, LucenaCity Contact Number: 0933-214-5217 Father:Dennis Dimaculangan Occupation: Store Manager Mother: ChonaDimaculangan Occupation: Medical Secretary Educational Background: St. Gerard Inc. (Preparatory) Maryhill College (Elementary-Present) [2004-Present] Organizations: Youth for Christ Habitat for Humanity

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Mummies in Egypt essays

Mummies in Egypt essays Come see the amazing mummies of ancient Egypt. These mummies have stood the testament of time lasting thousands of years. You can come and witness one of the most famous mummies of all time, Tutankhamun. His tomb, which was discovered in 1992, was filled with statues, gold, hieroglyphics and a lot more ancient artifacts. On his mask he has two symbols representing he was the ruler of lower and upper Egypt. This tomb helped piece together Egyptian culture more than any other Egyptian site because it was untouched by grave robbers. For 3000 years it lied frozen in time and untainted by later civilizations. You can still see the corps today thanks to a process known as mummification. It takes approximately 17 days to complete this process. First the body was purified, and then they would take out the persons organs. They made a slit on the left side of the body so they could remove the intestines, liver, stomach and lungs. The organs were dried out using natron, a mixture of different types of minerals and salts, and then wrapped in linens. They were then placed into canopic jars. The jars were decorated with the four sons of Horus. The body was then stuffed with natron, which helped the body to dry out faster and retard the spread of bacteria. They took out the brain with a long hook and since they did not find it important, they probably threw it away. The body was then put on a board covered with natron, which soaked up any remaining fluids. (Natron occurs in Egypt in a few places. Water containing natron in solution comes to the surface and is evaporated, leaving the natron as surface deposits.) The body is then wrapped in about 20 layers of linens. Finally a mask was put over the head and it was ready for the funeral. The ancient Egyptians obviously had very strong religious beliefs. This was the whole reasoning behind the mummification process. Many ancient tombs have drawings of gods and goddesses. The most popular god i...

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Responses to classmember Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Responses to classmember - Assignment Example It is also surprising as to how indifferent most people are on how to conduct an Internet search. Without the tips laid down in this Chapter on how to find online information, most of us would still be conducting Internet searches incorrectly. Therefore, these tips help in efficiently conducting Internet searches and finding valuable information that would be important in writing a research paper. Indeed this Chapter explains how an effective research needs to be supported by reliable information; Bovee and Thill have laid out a process on how to get better results when searching for information. This informative Chapter describes the most effective way to conduct a research as well as explains how to evaluate the credibility of any source of information. An analytical report is important for analyzing, understanding or explaining a problem or opportunity and drawing conclusions from the research. Therefore planning for an analytical report is crucial since it minimizes the chances of wasting time and improves the results of the research. Analytical reports can be used to assess the risks, opportunities and the decisions and actions that are required to be undertaken. By so doing through analytical reports, one can be able to analyze a risk or opportunity and come up with the decisions that will be of benefit to the organization. A research has to contain information that is collected first hand even though regrettably most research papers nowadays only contain secondary information. I concur with you that one of the best ways to collect primary information is through interviewing the appropriate parties. Interviews offer the researcher the opportunity to interact with the interested party and acquire information that is directly related to the research being conducted. This is particularly important since most secondary information that can be obtained does not relate to the topic of research and is therefore not of benefit.